Our Story

Adapting Labs is committed to redefining enterprise software for the better. We exist to relentlessly deliver the ultimate service and experience, with a caring human touch. We believe in building long-term relationships, working together as partners, and helping each other grow to be successful. Learn More.

What is Adapt?

Adapt™ is a new enterprise platform for entrepreneurs, designed for normal people to start, grow, and share an organization or online community. The platform is simple, intuitive, people friendly, and seamlessly grows with an organization from startup to success. Learn More.

What can Adapt do for me?

Our preview platform includes the basic functionality we need to build our organization and an online community. This includes an integrated:

  • Lean Startup experimentation system
  • Knowledge Bases
  • Forums
  • Blogs
  • Question and Answer Forums (similar to StackOverflow)
  • Media Libraries
  • File Libraries (including HIPAA compliant file storage)
  • Document and revision control (including derivative works and licensing)

Over time Adapt will cross the functional areas of an organization from sales to accounting to production control to recruitment. Learn More.

How is Adapt being built?

Adapt is an online platform built completely in the “cloud” from day one. Adapt is being developed in C# and the .Net Framework, and is built on top of Microsoft’s Windows Azure platform. Learn More.

What is the licensing and pricing model? Is Adapt an open source project?

We do not know yet. We are searching for ways to balance different objectives and needs. Ultimately we believe the approach must (1) ensure a consistent user experience regardless of who deploys or customizes Adapt, and (2) tie and scale your cost to your success. Learn More.


Share our journey and the lessons we learn along the way. Read More.

Automated NuGet Packaging Visual Studio Template

Thank you for your support and feedback. We have learned a great deal since releasing the “Automated NuGet Packaging Template” last fall.

We will be releasing the NuGet.Net™ Toolkit for Visual …Read More